Finally, a Mirror

My husband I are really slow when it comes to buying furnishings for our home.

For nearly two years after we moved into our house in March 2010 we had very little furniture in our sitting room.

In late 2011 we finally bought the two sofas you see below.  The china cabinet, which belonged to my husband's grandparents, was sent to us by a family member and the coffee table was a gift from a friend moving interstate.  It had come to her from her grandmother.

For three years there was a big gap over the fireplace.  We knew that we wanted to hang a mirror there, but it took us a long time to get around to buying one.

Finally, a few weeks ago we bought a mirror.  Its gilt border works well with our colour scheme and I think it will hang over that mantel for a long, long time. We bought the mirror from a very small, dusty, local shop and the man who sold it looked thrilled to have made a sale.

Now I would like a rug for the family room and then I will be done decorating.  For a while, at least.

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