Toasted Marshmallows and Our Meals

The marshmallow has been a toasted favorite for years. Children love making smores and adults love adding them to desserts such as sweet potato pie. Regardless of their application, it is a fact that marshmallows have been around for much longer than you might expect.

To start with, the history of the marshmallow is actually very different from what it's known for today. In Ancient Egypt, it was applied for both its medicinal and flavor abilities. Originally, the marshmallow was an extract from the mallow plant, which is renowned for its ability to ease a sore throat. The mallow root was squeezed, releasing a substance that had several applications. Because pharaohs were required to speak to large audiences, this often left them hoarse, in which case the mallow came into popular use.

The Greeks also put the plant to use, including the leaves as an extract to reduce muscle aches, burns, and even alleviate severe medical conditions such as bronchitis. But, in these particular cases, they relied primarily on the leaves to make a marshmallow tea, rather than a sweet treat.

Since then, the marshmallow has undergone recipe changes and seldom includes mallow extract in its composition. There are various recipes, many of which include gelatin, sugar, and often vanilla extracts, which vary according to the producer, but have become extraordinarily popular in Asia.

The popularity of the marshmallow has grown so much that it even has its own dedicated holiday in Japan. In 1978, as an answer to those who gave chocolates and sweets during Valentine's Day, March 15 was designated as their National Marshmallow day to pay homage to the women of Japan.

Regardless of location, it is obvious that the marshmallow has been a symbolic sweet throughout time, and has made a mark in the books of history. For this, it has earned recognition and honor that can only be expressed by enjoying a dish that incorporates some toasted marshmallows. And while we may consider the only place a campsite favorite, we can always rely on our West Texas caterers to whip up a dish that puts this age-old favorite to tasty use.

As for those who enjoy the marshmallow here at home or in the back yard, we are truly able to understand what it means to spend some time roasting a few sweets together. After all, it's not always about the sweetness of the treat. It all comes down the experience we share together.

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