Chipotle Butter

It's finally corn season!  Well, almost.  The first batches are hitting the stores and we've already had it several times.  We have some serious corn lovers here.
When it is super fresh and sweet, I'm fine with it just as it comes off the grill.  Sometimes it's good to change it up and slather it with something nummy.  This smokey chipotle butter was perfect!  I only used one chipotle but will use 1 1/2 or 2 for the next batch to really spice it up.
I used this butter on so many things other than corn.  It was awesome on pasta. I'm not a red sauce fan so just a bit of this butter and some Parmesan cheese was heavenly!  I also used it on various grilled cheese sandwiches. It's amazing the way it changes the flavor of everything. The possibilities are endless!  I'm pretty sure this will be a staple in my refrigerator from now on!

Chipotle Butter

1 stick butter, I used salted
1 chipotle, finely chopped
1 green onion, chopped (or you can use chives)

Soften butter on counter. In a bowl, mix softened butter, chopped chipotles and green onions. Mix well.  You can just stick this in a small Tupperware container or you can wrap in plastic and harden in the refrigerator.  Use on just about anything!

Use on:
*Grilled sweet corn
*Grilled cheese sandwiches
*Hamburger or Hotdog buns
*Sweet Potatoes or regular baked potatoes
*Any veggies

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