Have a Nice Wedding Cake And Start a New Life

Verily unlike the common traditional cakes, those are served in the wedding generally consist of many layers and also elaborate design. In fact, there is a special art incorporated in decorating those cakes. The cake designers, bakers generally practice delicate methods just for the construction of the beautiful sweet creations as well. Some of the cakes take whole day of preparation just before finally finished all of them.

Though a conventional wedding cake is generally made with some layers, there is also a modern cakes that are made of smaller pieces as the cupcakes. These cupcakes can make a brilliant wedding cakes as it presents with attractive and cutest manner. It also makes much easier to serve each guest with proper cupcake holder.

The food colour used to decorate or design the cakes are usually based on the basic colour motif of the wedding process. Fondant and marzipans are the usual elements generally used throughout the layer of the cakes. There are tests of taste to see which cakes flavour and basic type will be surely used. Some other ornaments as the fruits, flower are added to make the cake a colourful one. There is also some other many decorations as the edible gold, pearl or beads to make the whole cake just look more interesting and also gorgeous as suits with the wedding theme itself.

To have a cake in the marriage ceremony is an essential part as it is sliced by the couple of the day. The very first slice is generally consumed by the wedded couple together as the symbol of sharing everything in their lifetime. This is the ultimate common convention so far. Afterward, the cake is served to the invitees as the sweet dessert of their main food course.

The very top layer in the wedding cake is completely another story. Conventionally, a figurine resemble the image of newly wedded couple is placed as the top layer. There are also some instances where the top most layer of the cake is saved properly. It is totally consumed at the very day of that couple's first marriage anniversary.

With the wedding cake the day can gain an extra dimension of love and bonding itself. The cake cutting ceremony brings the couple more attached to each other as they start their journey of a new life with a sweet delicacy. Sometimes people present the cake according to the theme of the wedding whether it is a beach wedding party or a traditional wedding reception. This wonderful wedding cake can be consisted with different colour as pink, while, purple or so many as the different flavour also.

There is some other tradition attached with the cake found in a wedding reception. In some eminent culture, these cupcakes are one of the symbol of romance and the sweetness in the new couple's life. A cake pull is considered as one tradition practice in the western culture and in some Asian culture where these charms are directly inserted at the last layer of the cake and can be taken completely out with the help of the ribbon and string attached with the cake.

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