Look what I found hanging over my back fence yesterday evening. It's a big bag (over 6kg) of tangelos, grapefruit and lemons grown by my elderly Italian neighbour.

He is the kindest fellow, always willing to tell me when things need to go in the ground according to the cycles of the moon.

Sadly, he finds gardening difficult these days due to trouble with his legs, and there's a large patch of bare earth in his back yard where once must have been an impressive vegetable garden.

He says I'm not out in the garden enough, and that he hardly ever sees me when he pokes his head over the fence.

Every time I offer him something from my garden, he says "No, no, no, I have enough".  Yet although I never give him anything in return, within a day or two of one of our conversations a meat hook bearing a bag of fruit or perhaps some garlic cloves for planting appears on my side of the fence.

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