Our Four Chooks

We currently have four pet chooks, Scarecrow, Nightmare, Lola and Ninja.

Lola and Ninja are Isa Browns, and Scarecrow and Nightmare are Black Australorps.  Lola is light brown, Ninja is dark brown and Nightmare and Scarecrow are an identical shade of black.  None of us can tell them apart.

The chooks have a long yard along our back fence.  In the yard I planted four fruit trees; a Santa Rosa plum, a blood orange, a Jonathan apple and a Goldmine nectarine.  The idea is that the hens will fertilise the fruit trees and keep them bug and weed free, and in return the hens will receive fallen fruit and summer shade.

We, of course, get four beautiful brown eggs every day and the enormous pleasure of having Scarecrow, Nightmare, Lola and Ninja as pets.

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