Kids' Healthy Snacks - Nutritious yet Easy-to-Make Snacks for Growing Kids

Kids have many things going on in their lives. After school, they have their sport, their dance class, or other extracurricular activity that make them as busy as adults are. Thus, when it comes to the snacks that they eat, it is essential that their snacks are not only healthy, but provides them with the energy that will help them last the day.

Cut up fruit is a good snack option and source of energy for a growing child's body. Apples, bananas, apricots, melons, strawberries, and kiwis are just some of many types of fruit that can be easily cut up into snack-size portions, and enjoyed at any time of the day. Not many kids, or even adults for that matter, fancy eating fruits. However, by making it look fun to look at, it naturally follows that it will be fun for them to eat. Today, there are many commercially prepared cut up fruit that you can buy at the store, so snacking becomes not only healthy, but convenient as well.

Instead of preparing milkshakes made of ice cream for snack hour, yogurt can make a great alternative to this rather fatty afternoon refreshment. They say that fancy yogurt is an acquired taste. If that is indeed the case, starting yogurt as early as possible for your children should help prepare their taste buds. You can purchase yogurt flavored naturally with fruit, such as strawberry and blueberry, in order to balance the yogurt's natural sour taste.

Potato chips make for great afternoon snacks, but when consumed regularly, can potentially have negative effects on the body, particularly in a person's renal system. When too much sodium is consumed, it can lead to bloating or water retention, which is not safe for kids. To avoid these risks, make sure that any chips served during snack hour have small amounts of sodium, like popcorn. Popcorn utilizes oil and butter, but the salt content is very minimal. If you want to serve your kids healthier snacks than popcorn, why not create your own chips, such as tofu and sweet potato chips, and use an oven to bake them?

Chocolate bars and kids are always a perfect combination, but if you want a healthier alternative, make sure to provide snacks that can provide the same level of energy, without boosting their sugar levels. Granola bars are great alternatives to chocolate bars, especially if they are chocolate flavored. This is a creative way to incorporate the element of chocolate in healthier snacking alternatives.

When preparing or buying healthy snacks for kids, it is prudent to look for the freshness value and nutritional content. Read packages well, and if there are indications that consumption should be within 24 hours, follow the said instruction in order to maximize its nutritional value. Also, if there are specific directions pertaining to its storage or serving, similarly follow it to ensure freshness.

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