My Vegetable Garden: November 2013

In an effort to learn from past mistakes, this year I have simplified my summer vegetable garden.  I am growing fewer things with the hope that I can supply adequate water and attention to each one.  The garden itself is smaller than in previous years, about 16 metres square (4m x4m).

In my garden there are three already large self-seeded cherry tomato plants, six other Heirloom tomatoes (two Black Krim, two Mortgage Lifter, two Oxheart), green beans, cucumbers, four eggplants, four capsicums, garlic, self-seeded celery and carrots, and two zucchini plants.  Usually a few pumpkin vines pop up from seeds in the compost and worm castings I use as fertiliser, but none have done so yet.

What are you growing in your garden?

Lebanese cucumbers (left) and climbing beans (right)

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