Escapee Chicken


Lola is our escapee chook. Where Ninja, Scarecrow and Nightmare are usually content to stay in their (ample) yard, Lola takes every opportunity to escape.

Sometimes she digs under the fence and wriggles out commando-style; other times she flies onto the roof of the henhouse and escapes that way.  Not even clipped wings deter her.

I understand her desire for freedom.  Despite her obvious intelligence (or maybe because of it) Lola is at the bottom of the pecking order and spends much of her time being pecked at by the other chooks. 

Lola's favourite hiding place is under the now enormous tomato bushes.  This afternoon I noticed that she has developed a taste for the ripe tomatoes at the bottom of the bushes.

Clever girl!
Flaunting her freedom

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